Joywave - Live (LP)

$35.00 - $50.00

Artist: Joywave
Album title: Live
Release date (digital): 07.29.22
Release date (vinyl): 12.19.22
Label: Hollywood
recorded live on the Cleanse Tour, Spring 2022
mixed by Brian Moore
engineering by James Wooten
cover art by Matty Vogel

1. Intro (Live)
2. Cyn City 2000 (Live)
3. Buy American (Live)
4. It’s A Trip! (Live)
5. Obsession (Live)
6. After Coffee (Live)
7. Every Window Is A Mirror (Live)
8. Coming Apart (Live)
9. Half Your Age (Live)
10. Traveling at the Speed of Light (Live)
11. The Inversion (Live)
12. F.E.A.R. (Live)
13. True Grit (Live)
14. Somebody New (Live)
15. Ugly Ending (Live)
16. Goodbye Tommy (Live)
17. We Are All We Need (Live)
18. Tongues (Live)
19. Dangerous (Live)
20. Destruction (Live)
21. Double Destruction (Live)

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